As we have been established since 2002, we have many customers who have had a bathroom, wetroom or ensuite that has been installed for many years and whilst we do hope that it looks the same as the day it was installed, we realise that as bathrooms are used daily, inevitably it may show some signs of wear and tear. Therefore, we are now offering exclusively to all Timothy Michael customers a revival service.

Our new Bathroom Revival Service will bring your bathroom back to its former glory. The Revival Service costs £250 and includes:

  • Raking out any sunken or discoloured grout and re-grouting with epoxy grout. Epoxy grout is relatively new to the market, is impervious to water and resistant to  Stains.
  • Removing all discoloured silicone, cleaning the areas and replacing with our bacteria and mildew resistant silicone.
  • Professionally clean all glass shower screens and re-coat with invisible shield protector, to act as a barrier to water and soap scum.
  • Clean all mirrors.
  • Replace any discoloured or broken shower door seals.
  • Replace any light bulbs that are not working.

For any of our customers wanting to book the service please contact the office on 0161 308 3088 to arrange a convenient date.