Shower rooms

A shower room is often an ensuite to the master bedroom of a home, but sometimes we get asked in smaller bathrooms to remove the bath and replace it with a larger shower area. When customers ask to remove the bath they are generally just a little concerned regarding the resale value of their home. Home improvement TV programmes would say that if your home will attract family buyers with small children, then they will want a bath. But, if you plan to stay in your home for the next 1o years do you really want it designed for the next occupant?  It’s a question only you can answer, but by looking though our shower only installations below you can see that shower only rooms are becoming very popular, especially in smaller rooms.

When it comes to shower room design the options available are endless. With so many decisions to make, Tim can take you through the process of refining what will best suit your needs. A few of the choices are:
• Space saving sanitary ware to optimise the space in small areas
• Bespoke made to measure vanity units to maximise the storage within the room
• Thermostatically controlled showers and taps
• Underfloor heating
• Rain shower heads
• Shower seats
• Ambient low energy LED lighting

We hope that the photos of our installations give you confidence in our ability to complete your new room. We do not have a showroom but if you would like to see our work we will happily arrange for you to visit one of our installations, what better way to judge us than by meeting one of our customers!