1. Can I move my toilet? Yes a bathroom layout is not determined by your toilet, we regularly move soil pipes and plumbing to accommodate a new layout that better suits the room.
2. Can I move the window and the door into the room? Yes, we can move windows, bricking up the old window to accommodate a shower area and we take care of supplying the new window, fitting and glazing. The door as long as it suits your landing/hall area can also be moved.
3. Can I create an ensuite? Yes, we have often re-modelled a house interior to fit in an ensuite, taking space from a bedroom or landing space. We take care of all of the joinery and plastering matching skirting boards, architraves and doors, to ensure that once your new room is installed it looks like it has always been there. Estate agents suggest that houses with three bedrooms or more should have an ensuite as well as a main bathroom to increase saleability and value. Research carried out by Nationwide (Sept 2012) says “Creating an extra bathroom could add 6% to a property’s value”
4. Can I create a cloakroom / downstairs toilet? Yes, we can move soil pipes and plumbing to accommodate a new cloakroom. If the cloakroom is at the front of the house we can install a Saniflo, giving you a fully working toilet without an unsightly soil pipe at the front of your home.
5.Can I have a wetroom upstairs on timber floors? Yes, its a common misconception that wetrooms can only be fitted in rooms that have solid floors. We can fit a wetroom in any room, and use products to ensure the area is water tight prior to tiling. Tim can talk you through the design options and explain the work involved.


1. Can I move my oven, sink and other appliances? Yes, Tim can discuss your requirements and design a new layout to suit your needs.
2. Can I extend my kitchen or knock down a wall to extend it into another room? Tim will carry out a thorough on site survey to see if this can be done and will take care of the entire process, including planning permission and building regulations if they are needed.
3. Can I move the window and the external door or the door into the room? Yes, we can move windows, bricking up the old window to accommodate your new layout and we take care of supplying the new windows and doors, fitting and glazing.


1. How long will it take? At the point of being given your quote, which will include a breakdown of labour and materials for every aspect of the work, you will also be given a completion time for the work. On day one you will receive a ‘schedule of works’ which breaks down each component of the project and gives you a summary of what will be worked on each week.
2. Will there be a lot of disruption? Whilst embarking on any construction project will always cause you some level of disruption, we aim to keep this to a minimum. We schedule works so that external work can be done at the beginning of the project to ensure that the time spent within your home is as short as possible. We start work at 8am everyday and always strive to complete projects in record time. An example is a 3 storey extension, that added two extra bedrooms took just 8 weeks to complete.

If you have any other questions that are not listed here please feel free to contact us.