Making small spaces work

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and in many homes they are the smallest upstairs room, often quite awkward in shape.

Our customer had a bathroom completed by us at their last property and having moved, invited us to re-design the new bathroom that they had inherited from the previous owner. The bathroom was very awkward in design, the bath panel had been cut away to accommodate the staircase area below. The old layout had no storage and the bath was wedged into the slope leaving an unprofessional finish. The bathroom window was also difficult to access being positioned over the bath. The soil pipe was unsightly, boxed in all along the back of the room, and the room had no storage.

The before photos show how much better Tim’s new layout is, we built up from the slope area to create a large bespoke storage cupboard, the toilet was moved to under the window which removed all the unsightly boxed in soil pipe and makes the window much more accessible. The new position for the bath allows for an ambient lit recess above and a shower screen.

We love this new design, much more practical and the ambient lighting in the recess above the bath and the bath panel can be switched on independently of the main lights, ideal for relaxing bath times.