Shower room

  • Location:¬†Dobcross
  • Installed in: 2023


We have included lots of before photos for this transformation. The old space was nothing short of awkward. The ensuite was accessed via a curtain over an archway. We created a new doorframe, and purchased and stained a door as similar as possible to the existing interior doors within the home.

The old shower area was divided with some very rustic vertical beams, Tim investigated the beams and they had no structural purpose, so we removed them. This allowed for a much bigger shower area. The room was re-plastered with smooth plaster removing the old artex ceiling and walls. The new toilet with concealed cistern and storage under the wall mounted basin creates a much more modern space.

We love this new room, with warm colour tones and the beautiful herringbone floor.

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Ensuite bathroom with wetroom shower area.