Shower room

  • Location:¬†Heaton Mersey
  • Installed in: 2023


This bathroom is within an old weavers cottage tucked away down a little cobbled lane in Heaton Mersey, this is the fourth bathroom we have completed on the lane, with each one being recommended to us by their neighbour. The houses have many unique features, one being that the staircase leads you up to a very small landing with two doors, both of which are bedrooms and then the bathroom sits in between the two bedrooms.

The old bathroom was very dated with a wooden ceiling and a large cupboard that was unusable due to lots of central heating pipework. The loft hatch was within the room and was tiny so it made it impractical to put larger items into the loft, such as suitcases etc.

We stripped back the room, put in a new ceiling and a larger loft hatch. The bath was removed and a large walk in shower with built in shower seat was installed. Storage was provided under the basin and matching storage to replace the tall cupboard with useable, removable shelves so the central heating pipework can still be accessed if needed. The new large mirror bounces light around the room.

Our customer went on holiday whilst the work was completed and returned to a beautiful shower room, we even took care of the decorating!

Customer comment:

“Very good service from start to finish. Sarah very efficient in the office. Delighted by the new bathroom – such a transformation!”
A Morgan, Heaton Mersey 2023