Shower room

  • Location:¬†Hazel Grove
  • Installed in: 2023


Our customer wanted to add a downstairs toilet to the home, and if possible add a showering space to the room. We completed the entire works from start to finish. We opened up the wall at the bottom of the stairs into the garage area. Creating a corridor and downstairs shower room.

The new room does not have a window so we have used a large mirror to bounce the LED lights around the room. Look at the attention to detail in the hallway where we sourced and laid flooring to match the existing flooring. We also used curved corners on the plaster work to match what already existed elsewhere in the hallway. Once decorated you would be unaware this room has not always been there. This work has not only provided more practicality for our customer but will have undoubtedly added value to their home too!

Customer comment:

“I am absolutely delighted with the shower room. Every aspect of my dealings with the company has been excellent. The courtesy, professional approach and quality of service has been wonderful. Thank you all so much”.
Mr Dexter, Hazel Grove 2023