Shower room

  • Location: Rochdale
  • Installed in: 2015
  • Timescale: 1 week and 4 days


We fitted a shower room in an existing downstairs shower room. As the room is downstairs our customer used the room for storage and had a free-standing wardrobe in the room to hang up coats. By re-siting the basin we managed to increase the amount of bespoke storage, and also allow space for a mirror above the basin.

We also increased the size of the shower enclosure. We installed a fan to eliminate steam. The whole room is more contemporary in design, has more storage and is practical and built to last.

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Upstairs shower room.

Customer comment:

“Very impressed by the professionalism of everyone at TM Bathrooms. Zack and Curtis – the best workman we’ve ever had to do anything around the house. All work completed to an outstandingly high specification. Totally deligted with the end product. Thank you very much.”
Mr & Mrs Behrana, Rochdale 2015